Flora was a very respectful woman that was married to Frank. Flora was a homemaker. Her husband Frank was a dignitary who worked in a foreign country, in an area that was not safe for his family to come along. This meant that the two were separated most of the year. It was Flora’s responsibility to see that everything was going well in the house, including buying of home supplies when they were needed.

One day Flora had gone to buy some groceries and some household things from a nearby store, when a strange event happened. When she had just come out of the shop carrying the products she had bought, she spotted a stranger who had his eyes on her. His sultry look sent chills all over Flora’s body. The guy was tall, muscular, and extremely handsome. Flora knew she should not let her feeling get the best of her, but she missed the touch of a man and feeling a hard cock inside of her.

This sexy stranger approached and greeted her. He told her his name was Eli. She responded with some shyness, prompting Eli to make a move. He started flirting with her, and finally ending up inviting her to a restaurant. At that moment, Flora got a confused feeling in her and gave in, accepting the invitation. While at the restaurant, Eli explained that he worked for London escorts and wanted to fulfill her sexual desires. He explained that he was extremely attracted to her, and wanted to fuck her pussy, mouth, and asshole until she couldn’t cum anymore. That he wanted to fulfill all her sexual needs.

Flora couldn’t refuse him any longer. Her heart was pounding and her pussy was already wet and throbbing at the thought of his hard cock filling her up. They went to his place and he started off with some foreplay, licking her pussy until she screamed and squirted in his face. But then she suddenly got nervous and pulled away. He quickly soothed her nervousness by rubbing his hard cock against her throbbing clit. She then spread her legs to give his manhood access to her juicy honeypot. After she had orgasmed a few times Eli flipped her over onto all fours and gently slid his cock into her tight little asshole. Flora seemed to scream in agony until a few gentle deep thrusts, and then she was moaning in pleasure. This was something she had never done with her husband. Eli reached around and rubbed her clit as he began to make more forceful thrusts, pushing his cock deep in her ass. She began to shake and cried out as her pussy and anus began throbbing at the same time in orgasm. It was at that same moment that Eli gave in and climaxed as well. Afterwards the two lay in the bed cuddling, as Flora wondered how she would ever feel that kind of pleasure again. Eli was definitely worth the money, and Flora didn’t have to worry about Frank finding out since Eli was a professional.

Flora Gets Banged By A Stranger

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